How KHTA Supports the Arts

Since it was founded by a group of Brasenose undergraduates in 1996, the Kings Hall Trust for the Arts has funded a huge amount of student and early-career projects. The Trust’s emphasis is on education, but not in a formal sense; it supports small-scale work that allows young and emerging practitioners to develop new skills, try new ideas and grow creatively. 1994-6 was a particular turning point. At this point the college had been largely known for sports; its current thriving arts scene was unimaginable. Over those few years, and not without some mockery and scepticism, the Brasenose Arts Festival was founded and became a regular fixture; a theatre company was formed which later became professional and is still running today; the college arts society was given a new lease of life; and, as a final gesture before graduating, the Trust was founded. The idea was to take donations from alumni who’d enjoyed the arts while at college, and funnel them back to the kinds of projects that might benefit current or recent students. If that sounds like you, please consider donating. Small monthly donations of just a few pounds make a huge difference by giving us security and allowing us to plan ahead.

If, on the other hand, you’d like funding from us, you need to bear a few things in mind. If your project generates any money, for example from ticket sales, you can only apply for underwriting. Grants, by the same logic, are available specifically for projects that don’t have an income. We also favour projects on a scale that’s small enough for our funding to make a significant difference. Examples are listed on our Useful Information page. Most of our grants and underwriting are for amounts below £500, and that’s not going to go far on a big Playhouse show. Finally, while we do try to fund some projects each year with local or college connections, you don’t have to be based in Oxford or connected to Brasenose to apply. Our priority for underwriting and grant-giving is simply to help people on their way to successful creative careers.

Applying is easy: you can use our online form to upload a PDF and answer some questions. Unlike some funders, if this doesn’t give us all the information we need to make a decision, that won’t lead to disqualification; we’ll get back to you and ask. We’re also always happy to answer your questions. In fact, giving advice is part of our remit. Several of the trustees are highly experienced arts-sector professionals, and we will always try to answer any questions.

Whether you can help us or we can help you, we are always happy to hear from people, so please drop us a line!

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