How KHTA Supports the Arts

Since it was founded by a group of Brasenose undergraduates in 1996, the Kings Hall Trust for the Arts has funded a huge amount of student and early-career projects. The Trust’s emphasis is on education, but not in a formal sense; it supports small-scale work that allows young and emerging practitioners to develop new skills,… Continue reading How KHTA Supports the Arts


Interview with a theatre designer

Paul Burgess Interview originally published in ISTA's Scene magazine 1. What is your current title/position/job description? On my tax return it says ‘Theatre Designer’. But that’s not the full story. I design sets, costumes and video projections for theatre but I am also involved in the hard-to-describe grey area between visual art and experimental theatre… Continue reading Interview with a theatre designer

All the world’s a stage …

Carol A. Russell So you’ve graduated! You’ve got your degree, you’ve said ‘goodbye’ to student life, you’re ready to step out onto the red carpet for your next stage of life. The world is your oyster and you are the creative force in the British Arts Scene that everyone has been waiting for…except no-one else… Continue reading All the world’s a stage …