The King’s Hall Trust for the Arts Award

In the wake of a period of unprecedented disruption to the arts, The King’s Hall Trust for the Arts is delighted to announce a brand-new award to support talented graduates of Brasenose College as they pursue a career in the arts. The Award is a sum of money designed to contribute to a project, training or subsistence, as part of a proven commitment to working long-term in the arts.

Careers in the arts can be difficult to begin and maintain in the early stages, and The King’s Hall Trust for the Arts is committed to making a difference to talented individuals who may struggle to finance or otherwise continue to sustain such a career in the long term. In addition to the financial award, the Trust will provide mentoring and advice from either Trustees or other contacts, with a view to facilitating new opportunities and contacts for the annual winner of the Award. 

The award is open to alumni of undergraduate degrees at Brasenose College. Applications must be made within 3 years of September 1st in the year that the applicant finishes their degree (the project itself does not have to take place within those three years, but it must take place within four years of the same date mentioned above). One Award will be made each academic year. The closing date for applications in 2022 is Sunday 31st July at 9pm. 

Awards will be made up to £1000. 

Applications should take the form of a letter to the Trustees (no more than two sides of A4), explaining:

(a) the project or training the applicant wishes to undertake (please give as many details as you can);

(b) detailed examples of the applicant’s activity and projects in the theatre to date.

Applicants must also send a budget. The Trustees welcome any supporting documents, but ask that these do not exceed two A4 sheets. Applications should be sent to with The KHTA Award in the subject line, by no later than 9pm on Sunday 31st July 2022.

Examples of projects, training opportunities or subsistence eligible for this Award:

  1. Equipment hire or purchase (e.g. cameras, technology).
  2. The cost of auditions for drama school or other forms of theatre training (eg the Stage One New Producers course).
  3. Costs associated with mounting artistic productions (of any genre), including on the London, Edinburgh or regional fringe. 
  4. Subsistence while undertaking a creative project or research: e.g. travel and accommodation costs for site or location-specific research. 

The projects above are given as examples only and the Trust is committed to considering every application on its own terms.

Further guidelines/terms and conditions:

  1. The Award is only open to alumni of undergraduate degrees at Brasenose College. Alumni of other colleges and/or of postgraduate programs at Brasenose College are not eligible to apply. 
  2. Budgets submitted must disclose the total cost, broken down as appropriate, of the project for which funding is being sought. If the total amount is greater than the sum of money sought from the Trust, the applicant should suggest how they will source the remainder of the money.
  3. The winner of the Award will be asked to meet with the Trustees and provide a report on the activity which the Award has financed.
  4. Candidates may apply for the Award more than once, but successful applicants may not re-apply.  
  5. The Trust reserves the right to ask for more information or clarification while assessing applications. 
  6. Please address any queries to 

Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their submissions by the end of August. 

Information about the Trust:

The Trust aims to support the arts in Oxford, and occasionally elsewhere in the United Kingdom. It is committed to education, especially in drama and music, through the encouragement of attendance as well as direct involvement.

The Trust seeks to achieve its objectives in three principal ways:

  • backing theatre productions and other income generating arts projects 
  • giving grants for non-income generating projects
  • offering advice and support

The Trust is a registered charity, number 1057101.


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